About the PVTA

The Pemberton Valley Trails Association (PVTA) is unique in the Sea to Sky because it is comprised of many different user groups in the valley. Mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians, and trials bike users have joined forces under the PVTA to enhance and preserve the trail network for everyone in the region.

Its inception story was far less harmonious than its current reality. Formed in 2001 as a consequence of a land dispute over public access to dykes between two longtime Pemberton residents, it quickly became an effective force in guaranteeing access to land for public use and building trails and infrastructure that continue to be enjoyed today. 

Past accomplishments of the PVTA include the Valley Loop, Happy Trail, Backpains, Live Like Lisa (formerly called Stimulus), Rudy's, and the Mount Currie hiking trail, amongst countless more of your favourite trails. Chances are if you're on a trail in the Pemberton Valley it has either been built or maintained by the PVTA.

The PVTA receives funding from the Pemberton Valley Utilities & Services committee, memberships, donations, and grants. The money is spent primarily on trail maintenance and building projects throughout the spring and fall seasons. Professional trail builders are employed to carry out the work and trail days are held throughout the year for the community to help with raking, digging, and brush clearing. The paid trail builders are only able to keep up with a small amount of the trail maintenance required in the Valley, and the bulk of the work is still done by many dedicated volunteers in the area. 

If you visit Pemberton and enjoy the trails here please consider purchasing a membership from the PVTA or giving a donation to boost your trail karma. 

(a) To plan, develop and maintain a Pemberton Trail System in cooperation with the Village of Pemberton, the Squamish Lillooet Regional District, local land owners and the Province of British Columbia, using off- road routes wherever possible, linking developed areas in the Pemberton area.

(b) To promote public support and use of the Pemberton Trail System in the Pemberton Valley.

(c) To promote conservation and enhancement of historical Pemberton area trails.

(d) To cooperate with voluntary agencies, societies, clubs, first nations and governmental agencies and individuals interested in building and maintaining a Pemberton Trail System and protecting historical trails in the Pemberton area.

(e) To promote and assist in the development and maintenance of recreational trails in the Pemberton area by seeking to maintain reasonable public access to all forest and other suitable recreational areas of the Pemberton area.

Mission and Goals

Where we are

Nestled in a mountain-lined fertile valley, Pemberton is a short 25 minute drive from Whistler or a 2.5 hr drive from Vancouver. 



Population of Pemberton

> 600

PVTA members

> 100 km


For more information about Pemberton and the surrounding area, visit the Tourism Pemberton website.